The CRM Retargeting Handbook

For digital marketers, there are some harsh realities out there:

  • 83% of your customers don’t open your email.
  • Cookies don’t work in a cross-device world.
  • 94% of sales are still made in stores.

This 22 page free handbook will show you how you can use CRM retargeting to match customer segments with targeted messaging in paid media channels like:

   Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search, Email 

Using CRM retargeting, you can:

  • Reach more customers, more often, without sending more email.
  • Target customers across every device with 100% certainty, no cookies.
  • Connect online data to in-store sales for enriched attribution and personalization.

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Inside the handbook you'll find:

Use-cases that outline how you can leverage your CRM data

Detailed breakdowns of CRM retargeting platforms and partners

A complete glossary of terms and resources that will teach you the nitty gritty about CRM